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Company History

The company started its activity in 1991.
1991  – Setting up the foreign trade firm «Unitron» as a part of the closed joint –stock company «Unitron». The main activity of the foreign trade company «Unitron» was supplying confectioneries with raw materials (raisins, cocoa beans, and nuts) from famous foreign manufacturers.
Among the clients of the firm there were such enterprises as the chocolate factory «Russia» – Samara; confectioneries «Kamskaya», «Permskaya» – Perm; «Novosibirskaya» – Novosibirsk; «Lipetskaya» – Lipetsk; «Voronezhskaya» – Voronezh; «Confi» – Yekaterinburg; «Volzhanka» – Ulyanovsk; «Altai» – Barnaul; «Lamzur» – Saransk; «Yasnaya Polyana» – Tula; «Condy» – Ufa; «Krasnaya Zarya» – Kazan; «Penzenskaya» – Penza  and others.
1994 – Separation of the FTF «Unitron» from the CJSC «Unitron» and start up of an independent trade company —  the company with limited liabilities «The Foreign Trade Firm Unitron», specializing in supplying food raw materials and ingredients from famous Russian and foreign producers.
1998 – In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the RF № 798, dated 24.09.1998, the company with limited liabilities «FTF Unitron» was reregistered as «The Firm Unitron, Ltd» and it is still dealing with supply of high quality food raw materials and ingredients for food industry enterprises.
2000 – Diversification of the activity of the company and as the result of it – setting up a new production company «Unitron Prom» Ltd. The main activity of the new company is production of semi-finished nut products – roasted crushed peanuts (fraction 0-2, 2-4, and 3-5 mm) for confectioneries, bakeries and milk processing enterprises.
Офисные помещения ООО «УНИТРОН»

2001 – Conducted market researches revealed a demand of confectioneries for roasted crushed peanuts and as the result of the researches an additional production line for roasted crushed peanuts (fraction 4-6 mm, then fraction 0-2, 1-3, 2-3 and 2-4 mm) manufacturing was launched in November 2001.
2002 — 2003  – Dynamic development of food raw materials market in Russia raised new tasks for manufacturers.  Clients, interests shift gradually from price to more quality and delicate products opening new horizons for manufacturers. Such new products as roasted crushed almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts and pistachios appeared in the company, s assortment. In 2003 crushed and grated coconuts, roasted sunflower seeds were introduced into the assortment.
2004 – The purchase of new equipment gave the company an opportunity to grate nuts to parts of 100 microns size. Thus a new product was launched by the «UnitronProm» company into the market of food raw materials – nut spread which is 100% grated nuts.  The usage of this spread in confectioneries and milk processing industry gives a unique delicate taste to a ready made product.
2005  – Introduction of modern quality management systems on the basis of European programs of quality
control and food safety provision -HASSP.
2005 – Innovation is one of the main ways to actively develop in the market and to be the leader. The group of companies «Unitron» develops, manufactures and offers to its partners a new semi-finished nut product, having no analogues in the Russian market, — roasted crushed nut in sugar. This semi-finished product gives an opportunity to manufacturers to widen their assortment of ready made products. The new nut ingredient immediately won the recognition of manufacturers.
2003 – 2005  – The reconstruction and construction of a new production and warehouse complex (total area – 4,5 000 sq. m). Considerable increase of production and warehouse premises, modern production equipment and a well-equipped laboratory gave an opportunity to increase more than three times the volume of production of roasted crushed nuts (more than 300 tons per month), to provide precise quality control and to make the nut semi-finished product even more tasty and useful, having preserved its nutritious properties.
Новый производственно-складской комплекс

2006  – Novelties from the «Unitron Prom» company – roasted sesame seeds, poppy-seeds and sunflower seeds in sugar- are welcomed not only by bakers and confectioners but also by milk products manufacturers. Additional offer for manufacturers is roasted and grated flax, which is rich in polyunsaturated fat acids and gives a ready made product dietetic and preventive properties. We take care of our customers, health.

In April 2006   our partners – manufacturers are offered one more novelty of the company. It is a very convenient semi-finished product for manufacturers – roasted crushed cocoa beans, grated cocoa beans and cocoa beans in sugar. Crushed and grated cocoa beans have already found its niche as an additional ingredient for candies and chocolate bars filling. Their delicious taste and odor in
conjunction with optimal cost will inspire specialists –confectioners for creation of new masterpieces in confectionary industry. Roasted parts of cocoa beans in sugar will add a new taste to pastry, deserts and ice –cream.

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