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Our products

Our products
We offer our customers ecologically clean, best quality, selected nuts. At present we produce:
—    roasted crushed peanuts (all fractions), grated peanuts and peanuts in sugar (candied roasted
—    roasted crushed hazelnuts (all fractions), grated hazelnuts and hazelnuts in sugar;
—    roasted crushed almonds (all fractions), grated almonds and almonds in sugar;
—    roasted crushed walnuts (all fractions), grated  walnuts and walnuts in sugar;
—    roasted crushed cashew nuts (all fractions), grated cashew nuts and cashew nuts in sugar;
—    roasted crushed pistachios (all fractions), grated pistachios and pistachios in sugar;
—    the roasted crushed apricot kernel (all fractions), the grated apricot kernel and the grated apricot
kernel in sugar;
—    hulled roasted confectionery sunflower seeds, grated sunflower seeds and sunflower seeds in
—    roasted  sesame, grated sesame and sesame in sugar:
—    crushed and grated coconut and coconut in sugar;
—    roasted grated poppy-seeds and poppy-seeds in sugar;
—    roasted and grated flax.

Quality of products
Among the priority tasks of the company is the task to provide high quality of our products. We control
quality of nuts at all stages of processing, as the quality of product influences customers, choice.
In 2003 and 2004 specialists from the NESTLE company exercised quality control of our products.
Their recommendations were introduced into the process of production and since then our company
have been included into the list of suppliers of the NESTLE concern.
IIn 2004 our production was inspected by representatives of the CADBERY company. After the
inspection we delivered crushed walnuts to the factory «Dirol-Cadbery Ltd.».2005 — Introduction of modern quality management systems on the basis of European programs of
quality control and food safety provision (HASSP).
2005 – Control of production and products control at a new production plot was carried out by the three largest companies: NESTLE, «Hochland Russland», Ltd and «Ruzskaya Confectionery», Ltd. As the  result of the audit «Unitron» continued cooperation with the abovementioned companies and even increased the volume of delivery to these companies.
In our production process we use raw materials of high quality from all countries of the world: peanuts from Argentina, Brazil and China; hazelnuts from Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan; almonds from the USA; walnuts from Ukraine; pistachios from Iran; coconuts from Indonesia; sunflower seeds from Hungary.
Our suppliers know quite well our requirements for the raw nuts quality.
Our specifications for the nuts are stricter than GOST requirements and sanitary rules. When returning raw materials of unsatisfactory quality thus we eliminate possible problems with the quality of the manufactured products beforehand.
The main principles of production
—    Safety of personnel
—    Usage of European quality standards and modern technologies of production
—    sanitary and hygienic safety of products
—    We do not produce standard products. In cooperation with technologists and quality control departments of our customers we develop special regimes of production for every enterprise and manufacture products according to individual requirements for color, size, degree of roasting and
—    Constant development and introduction of innovations
The company,s logistics
Comprehensive approach to customers, requirements study gives the company an opportunity to increase efficiency of production and planning of products delivery and alongside with this to minimize customers, expenses incidental to products delivery.
We offer our customers all services connected with products transportation to all regions of Russia and
CIS countries as well as customs clearance.
Our own warehouses and availability of all the assortment of products at the warehouse make it possible to fulfill shipment and delivery in the shortest possible time.
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